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salon party


My little Tessa Darling had her 7th birthday last week.  It’s hard to believe that she’s 7 already!  It seems like only yesterday I was posting all about her 3rd birthday party. 

Tessa wanted to have a salon party this year.  We both decided that we’d go with a zebra pattern and hot pink as our “theme colors”.  Very sassy and cute.  Here’s a picture of the cute invites:


The girls had a great time getting their hair and nails done.  The cost was $10 per girl.







After the girls were done being beautified, we went outside to open presents and take some pictures by the tree.  We printed the pictures and are planning to send those with the thank you notes. 



Each of the girls took home a cupcake (wrapped up to go) and a cosmetic bag with body spray, lip gloss, and nail polish inside.  Unfortunately, I did not get pictures of the bags that I made.  They were made with zebra print and hot pink fabric.  The top closed using tape measure sewn inside the lining.  It created a “magnetic” feel to hold them closed.  They turned out super cute and were really easy and cheap to make.  They cost about $1. 

The breakdown for a salon party for 8 girls:

salon bill:  $80      cupcake materials:  $5      cosmetic bags:  $8     favors (for bags):  $20

Total cost:  $113

This party was a bit more than I usually like to spend on a party.  I could have done the hair and nails myself with the help of some volunteers, but I would have had to go to A LOT more work in that case.  It was much more stress free to have it at an acutal salon and I think it felt a little more “special” that way.  So, I think it was worth the extra money.

Happy Birthday, Tessa Dawg!  Love Love Love that girl!

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It has been nearly 12 years since my brother Ken told me that he was gay. I will never forget that moment. I didn’t react as nicely as I would have liked. Although I was not hysterical, I remember uttering something like, “Can’t you just NOT be?” The look of disappointment on his face will never leave my memory. I so regret saying it. I hope that he forgives me.

I quickly came to my senses and have been able to completely and fully accept him just as he is. I’d say “warts” and all, but I just don’t think that homosexuality is considered to be a “wart”.

I remember the first equality sticker that I placed on my caIr. Ken asked me, “why do you have an equality sticker on your car?” Surprised by his question, I answered, “um, because I believe in equality”. He responded with, “Aren’t you afraid that people will think that you are gay?” Nope. I’m not afraid. Who cares? 

I don’t know if Ken thought that his own sexual orientation was “bad” or something to be ashamed of or if he was afraid of hate crimes being committed against him. I hadn’t really thought abou it. I just liked the sticker, mostly.

I remember meeting with some old high school friends one summer.  We were catching up on each other’s lives and someone asked about my brother.  I think that some of them had heard about his “lifestyle” and wanted me to dish.  I plainly told them that he’s doing great, has a great job and a great boyfriend.  She said, “oh, he’s gay?”  One of my other friends commented, “that’s ok, my brother is in prison”. 

I told her that I’m not ashamed of my gay brother, but she should be afraid of hers.  Really?  There is no comparison.  My brother in a long term monogomous relationship is somehow equal to a prison inmate? 

This January, my brother took a big step. A huge step, actually. He asked his boyfriend Scott to marry him.

I never thought this would happen. Not necessarily because of the law or because it wouldn’t be accepted, but because I didn’t think that marriage was that important to him.  I thought that as long as he and Scott knew what they had, that would be enough. 

I was wrong.  It’s not enough.  And why should it be?  Who doesn’t want to have the excitement of a proposal, the announcement to family and friends, the support from them as they publicly take their vows, making promises to one another.  Those are exciting and once-in-a-lifetime things that everyone should get to experience…if they so choose. 

There’s been much talk about the subject of equality in marriage lately. While many states honor same sex civil unions, they still do not recognize “marriage” between same sex couples.  Some might say these are both the same things.  But really, they’re not. 

Marriage means that everyone is excited, happy, and supportive of your decision.  They want to see you take the plunge.  You want to have a spouse that you can offically call a spouse.    It was important to me, why shouldn’t it be for gay individuals? 

I’ve seen posts on facebook about how people that support “traditional marriage” are being called bigots and are now afraid to voice their opinions or beliefs on the subject. I’m sorry, but if your belief is that your “love” is better than someone else’s “love”….it DOES make you a bigot, doesn’t it?

I for one, am excited for my brother. I love him and I love Scott. They are perfect for each other and are truly happy together. I can’t wait to hop on a plane, fly to Boston, and witness them taking their vows. Good for them.


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In the mood

In the mood

Most everyone knows that I’ve been taking Zoloft for over three years now. My family and I have enjoyed a much nicer, calmer, stress-free momma because of it. It really helps me to “not care” so much about things.

The bad news is that this wonder drug has also made me “not care” so much about what happens in the bedroom either.

So, I had to laugh out loud when I saw this cartoon. This looks very familiar, only instead of barbed wire, it’s my sleep apnea mask. Poor Joey.

Don’t get me wrong. Joey is my hunk of burning love. It’s just getting the mood is sooooo hard for me sometimes.

It’s kind of like exercise. I never feel like it, but I’m always glad that I did.

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Belle of the Ball

On Friday, I took my little Tessa and my friend Hayley to the annual Best Buddy Ball.  It was for all of the BB chapters all over the state of Utah.  It was held at the Xango Headquarters in Lehi.  The place was pretty posh with some very interesting decor.  I’m not entirely sure what kind of operation they’ve got going on there at Xango, but it was nice of them to host our ball nevertheless. 

As you can see by the following video segment, I was most impressed by the refreshments.  Don’t blink, or you might miss me. 

While Hayley and I were snacking in the V.I.P room, (yes, they had a V.I.P room) Tessa was introduced to Miss Utah and Miss Teen Utah.  She thinks they’re pretty awesome and wanted a picture with them.  She was all sorts of star struck. 

I’m not sure how I feel about my daughter idolizing this one.  If you look closely, you can almost see her hoo-haw!  She also has demon eyes.  Okay, that was because of my awesome photography skills, but I’m still sure that she’s the spawn of satan.  No one is allowed to be this good looking. 


I think that Miss Teen Utah is sweeter looking.  Hayley pointed out that she’s also a teenager.  True dat.  They were both very kind to my daughter and I guess that’s what matters. 

We had a fun time.  I wish that I didn’t have to adhere to confidentiality so that I could post some pictures of my cute-as-can-be students.  Boy can the kids dance! They had a blast!  Thank goodness for Best Buddies. 

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I’m back!

I'm back!

Okay, it’s been a very long while. I took a bit of a leave of absence.

Did anyone miss me?


day at the cabin


I remember the first time that I visited the cabin, when Joey and I first started dating.  I loved it.  Good thing, because Joey later told me that it was a “deal breaker” not to love the cabin.  If I hadn’t loved it, it would have been over.  I guess I should say that HE is lucky that I loved it.  🙂

A giant tree had fallen down, so we took a trip to help cut it up and hawl it away. 

We also rode the four-wheeler, had some hamburgers, and relaxed for a bit.  It was a nice outing. 

I mean, who wouldn’t love the cabin?  Really.

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birthday boy

Nater turned 6 this year, and shockingly, we did not have a big themed party for him.  I know.  I feel kind of bad about it. 

Instead of the party, Nate had a sleepover with his friend Bradan, and brownies and ice cream with the family. 

He later said “I didn’t have a very fun birthday” and he hated his brownies that I tried to make from scratch. 

I think I may have spoiled him over the years. 

Here are six things that I love about my little Nater:

1- He is very artistic and loves to draw, color, and paint. 

2- The way he plays with his action figures…so fun to watch.

3- When he is nice to his sister; he saves his treats from kindergarten to share with her; he takes care of her

4- He’s a goof ball and reminds me a lot of myself when I was young.  He does a lot of the “odd” things that I used to do.  (sorry, mom and dad)

5- He’s so cute and funny.  He’s cute on the outside and the inside.

6- He’s smart!  I’m amazed at how quickly he learns.  He loves to do his homework and loves to go to kindergarten.

It’s hard to believe that he’s six years old already.  Seems like he was Miles’ size just yesterday.  Thanks for an amazing and fun six years Nater!

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post part-doom

There are some things about child birth that I found to be unexpected when I had Nathan, five and a half years ago.  I had wanted a baby so badly and I thought that everything would be so pleasant and wonderful once I had one.  I had fantasized about holding him for the first time and imagined that instant “bond” that  I would experience.  Boy did I have it wrong.

I saw an add for a book online concerning postpartum depression, “It Sucked, and then I Cried”.  Funny at first glance, but rings oh so true for me.

The worst part about having a baby is the uncontrollable sadness that I feel after wards.  The worst part about the sadness is the terrible guilt that you have for having the sadness at a time when you are “supposed” to be happy.

Fortunately, after my first baby, I somewhat knew what to expect when I had my second and now my third.  Unfortunately, expecting it doesn’t make it any easier.

I try to put on a happy face and get on with things, but I think that the sadness must be showing on my face.  Several people asked me if I was “ok” yesterday.   I said that I was…which is the truth, I am “ok”.  I’m just not myself.  I am in a breast-feeding, sleep deprived, diaper changing, c-section pained fog that I’d like to get out of.

It feels as though I’ve been in this fog for at least a month, but it’s only been two weeks.  I’m expecting the fog to lift soon thanks to some “happy pills” I got at the doctor.  Thank goodness for modern medicine.



We had a Best Buddies “thanksgiving” on Friday.  After the potluck, everyone enjoyed themselves with a little karaoke.  I was chillin with a few of the parents when I heard them call my name.  They were challenging me to an arm wrestle.  The student they wanted me to arm wrestle seemed skinny and scrawny enough, so I agreed. After all, I had been lifting weights.  Surely I’d be able to waste him.  I’d go easy on him, I thought,  make it look like a struggle at least.  I wouldn’t want to embarrass the poor boy. 

Well, turns out that I didn’t have to “act” like it was a struggle because it WAS a struggle.  I was able to keep it up for a little bit, but he finally slammed my arm down.  I shrugged it off and told everyone that I let him win.11-24-08-004

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