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birthday surprises

I took part in planning a trip to Disney Land for my Best Buddies group, as most of you know.  Throughout the planning, I told my kids that we didn’t have enough money to go with them and that “just momma” would go with the buddies.  They were sad.

Secretly, Joey and I were planning to surprise them with the trip, just like the commercials on TV.  We were set to leave on Tessa’s birthday, so it seemed like a great plan. 

We woke the kids up at 4:00 am and told them that mom wanted to see Tessa open her presents before she left for Disney Land.  When Tessa reached into the bag, she pulled out a t-shirt.  Nate read what it said, “It’s my Birthday…”  and then the back, “and I’m going to Disney Land”!  She also pulled out $50 from grandma for spending money.  Nate then started to cry…an ugly cry.  Then, we pulled out his t-shirt and money.  (His birthday is a week later)  We then went straight to the airport and flew to California. 

Needless to say, the kids had a great time.  They were especially cute with my students.  They had a lot of fun “showing” them around and riding rides with them.  I think they were better “peer buddies” than the actual peer beddies.  I think it will be a birthday they’ll always remember. 

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Eagles Nest

When I was a teenager, I attended a leadership conference at Snow College.  They took us up in the mountains there where they have developed a “ropes course”, which is a sadistic torture chamber for people like me.  The torture was compoundedd by a lot of peer pressure. 

The very most challenging part of this ropes course was called the “Eagle’s Nest”.  It’s a 50 foot pole with a lazy susan on top.  About ten feet away from the pole was a trapeze bar.  Each person was to put on a very uncomfortable harnass, climb to the top of this pole, stand on the “Eagle’s Nest” at the top, and then jump to the trapeze and hopfully hold on to it. 

I am not only scared of heights, but I’m also extremely clumsy.  I still haven’t gotten over this experience…obviously. 

I climbed the dang pole, I even stood on the top of the “nest”, and then I jumped.  Too bad I closed my eyes, or might have grabbed hold of the trapeze.  Instead, I fell, until the harnass caught my fall. 

I did NOT feel like an eagle.  Just saying. 

Last week, we had the opportunity to see some real eagles nesting at Farmington Bay.  It was “Bald Eagle Day”, so we thought we’d check it out.  It was a fun little outing. 

Nate did not appreciate the fact that these birds were out in the open.  He wanted to see a caged one…up close and personal.  Perhaps next time, we’ll bring some binoculars for him.  They did have a few telescopes to view the eagles, but neither of my children know how to close the correct eye.  They kept closing the eye that was looking into the telescope!  Then, they complained that they couldn’t see the birds.  They were un-impressed and wanted to leave.  I took their picture first:

The kids felt better about the whole experience once we found our way to the visitor’s center.  Tessa made an eagle finger puppet and Nate got to stretch out his arms to measure them against an eagle’s.  We finished off with a little nature walk where Tessa complained and complained about walking. 

Despite my children’s unamusement with this free family outing, I still have to say that it was a lot better than my first experience with an eagle’s nest.

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365 Days

I’ve had the privilege of having this little boy in my life for the last 365 days.

And I might add that those 365 days FLEW by!  It’s hard to imagine that little Miles could be a whole year old already.  But, it’s equally hard to imagine life without him.

As many of you know, Miles was a little “accident”.  We were just planning to have two children.  I always kind of “felt” like I needed three, but I resisted that feeling and we decided that Joey would get himself “fixed”.  And so he did.  Get fixed.

Joey was still sitting on frozen peas when I found out that Miles was on the way.  His fix was too late.  Miles had snuck in there, under the wire.

I don’t know if I believe in “meant to be” or not, but if there is such a thing, Miles is it.  He completes our family and I love him so much. I feel so lucky to be his mom.

Miles is a happy, healthy, and crazy one year old.  He is pretty wild and every diaper change is a WWF challenge (or so it seems).  He hates to sit still, to get his nose wiped, and napping for very long.  He loves to climb, crawl, stand, dance, and wrestle. He likes to growl and knows how to wave.    He has eight teeth, but not a lot of hair.  His favorite food is sweet potatoes.  Some of his nicknames are Milo, Milosh, Miles D. Diles, and Suebick (Tessa’s).

It’s been a very fun 365 days.



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All Hallow’s Eve

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays.  Candy, costumes, what’s not to love? 

It turns out that Halloween is even more fun once you have kids!

This year, we celebrated for a whole week.  We started out with a Halloween Dinner at my parents.  My dad cooked really good chili and decorated really cute.  The kids had a great time. 

I also dressed up for the occasion.  Don’t ask what I am.  I have no idea.

On Friday, we had the opportunity to go to the Dinosaur Park for their fun halloween event.  Because we have “connections” through Joey’s parents, we were able to get in early and didn’t have to wait in any lines.  It’s nice to know people in high places. 

Saturday was our day to Trick n’ Treat.  Because we had such a grand time last year, we decided do it again.  We joined forces with Katie, Jason, and Averi to conquer their neighborhood in Roy.  The kids didn’t have the stamina that I remember having when it came to trick or treating, but they had fun. 

Miles tagged along with his Troll Daddy…

…and he wasn’t even frightened of him.

Afterwards, we played games while the children destroyed Katie and Jason’s house.  A fun time was had by all.

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When Nathan was a baby, it seemed as though every milestone took a really long time in coming.  I waited and waited for all the “firsts”.  When Tessa came along, I didn’t have to wait quite as long for the “firsts”, but they were different because she was a girl.  With Miles, I haven’t waited for anything! 

Although Miles is a little guy for his age, he has really grown in other ways.  He is sitting, standing, crawling, waving, laughing, signing, and is all over the place!  He has three and a half teeth and a bit more hair.  He can often be found hanging on my leg in various rooms of the house.  It has also become VERY difficult to change his diaper.  He will NOT sit still!

It is going by too fast.  In two months, he’ll be a whole year old!  I just cannot believe how quickly he is growing up.  I wish he’d just stay a baby forever. 

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Catsup and Mustard

My kiddos played some soccer this year and they BOTH ended up with the number 7!  Pretty lucky, I say. 

Nate was a Red Devil and Tessa was a Golden Leopard.  They both had a pretty fun time, but I think Tessa liked it a bit more than Nate did. 

At any rate, I had fun watching them.   I look forward to seeing some more next spring.

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Parker Family Vacation

Joey and I decided that it would be fun to take the kids to Yellowstone this year.  It’s been quite some time since either of us had gone and Nate has wanted to return ever since his trip there with his grandparents.

The road trip there, although long, was pretty good.  No casualties.  I did, however, discover that I had forgotten all of my medications….including the Zoloft.   Oh wo.

Our first day at the park was pretty fun!  We saw Old Faithful, ate some ice cream at the old lodge, did a little hiking and a picnic, and Tessa signed up to be a “junior ranger”.  Nate didn’t want to because he was in a bad mood.

I was very impressed with how clean and well managed the park was.  I think that the park service does such a great job.  All of the rangers we met were VERY friendly and helpful.  It was a great reminder of how a federal agency can and should be run.

The second day, we woke up really early and made a longer drive to Mammoth Hot Springs to go on a bit of a longer hike.  It had  a lot of stairs and Tessa complained a lot.  Nate loved it, though.  He is a good little hiker.

We then took a drive and stopped for lunch.  Shortly after getting back in the car, Nate became car sick.  We could tell by the looks of him that he might need to puke, so we asked him, “Nate, do you need to throw up?” to which he replied, “No”.  So, we pulled out and drove away.  About twenty seconds later, he threw up.  Everywhere.  Twice.  Red jello…..and it was still in fact jello.  Joey was grateful that I had talked him into getting a car with leather seats.

It was about this time that my kids really started to annoy me.  They would not stop fighting, giggling, crying, screaming, and being all around strange.  At one point, Joey leaned over and said in a very frustrated voice, “I think that they are physically incapable of being quiet!”  I agreed.  They were terrible.  And to make matters worse, the baby was in a bad mood as well.  He was tired and couldn’t get to sleep because of all the “racket” from the back seat.

We were able to see the falls and finally make it back to town for a nice dinner at a cute little diner.  Afterward, we walked around the cute town looking at shops.  We finished off the night with some ice cream and walked back to the hotel.

I finished half of my ice cream and was just outside our hotel when it “hit”.  There was a rumble in my tummy and it wasn’t a good one.  I was sick all night and it continued all through the next day…all the way home.  Needless to say, it was a VERY long drive home.  I had to stop many times to use the facilities, and the baby cried nearly the entire way to boot.  By the time we pulled into our driveway at 11:00 pm, we were very ready to be home again.

I am proud to say that I did in fact hold it together for the entire time.  Not one “explosion”, even WITHOUT the Zoloft.


the graduate

Nate completed his Kindergarten year, and most importantly, his momma survived the Kindergarten schedule for an entire year.

Nathan had a great year and really loved his teacher, Mrs. Miller.  I liked her too. She was a great teacher and taught him so many things. 

At the end of the year, she helped each child make a book to remember all of the things they did throughout the year.  I loved looking through it.  I think I liked it more than he did. 

There was a questionaire at the very end that Nate provided answers for:

What is your favorite color?:  Blue

What is your favorite song to sing?:  Old MacDonald

What is your favorite food?:  Pizza

What is your favorite story?:  The Boy who Cried Wolf

What is your favorite movie?:  Ironman

Who are your best friends?: Shelby, Delaney, Conner, Ethan, Bradan

What is your favorite thing to do at recess?:  Play by myself

What is your favorite center to go to? : Computer

What is your favorite thing to draw or color?:  Creatures

What did you learn in kindergarten?:  to hold my pencil right, to read, addition

What did you like most about kindergarten?:  Reading books with buddies

What did you like the least?:  Paint center

What do you think the other children will remember most about you?:  That I smile all the time


Nate had a cute little program to celebrate his graduation and he smiled all the way through it.

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memorial day

Tessa has been asking a lot of questions about death, dying and shows a lot of interest in the cemetary.  The death of her friend (and my student), Brittany, sparked most of this interest. 

On Memorial Day, Tessa had a lot of questions about decorating graves and what it was all about.  I explained that on Memorial Day, we remember those that have died and we decorate their graves.  We also say thank you to soldiers that have died for our country. 

She thought about it for awhile and then asked, “Are we gonna go see Brittany?”

I hadn’t really thought about visiting Brit’s grave, but suddenly that sounded like a great idea.  Tessa has been talking about and misses her.  I thought that it would be a nice thing for her to do.

We went to Walmart and she picked out a nice red geranium to take to her grave.   We found her grave and Tessa placed the flower near the others and started to “talk” to Brittany saying that she loved her and missed her.  She then asked me where her head was, where her body was, and where her feet were under the ground.  I told her where Brittany’s casket was placed and explained the best I could. 

It was then that Tessa laid right down on the ground, spread eagle on top of the grave.  I asked her what she was doing and she said, “I’m giving Brittany a big hug”.

What a cute and thoughtful girl she is becoming.

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day at the cabin


I remember the first time that I visited the cabin, when Joey and I first started dating.  I loved it.  Good thing, because Joey later told me that it was a “deal breaker” not to love the cabin.  If I hadn’t loved it, it would have been over.  I guess I should say that HE is lucky that I loved it.  🙂

A giant tree had fallen down, so we took a trip to help cut it up and hawl it away. 

We also rode the four-wheeler, had some hamburgers, and relaxed for a bit.  It was a nice outing. 

I mean, who wouldn’t love the cabin?  Really.

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