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salon party

on April 11, 2013


My little Tessa Darling had her 7th birthday last week.  It’s hard to believe that she’s 7 already!  It seems like only yesterday I was posting all about her 3rd birthday party. 

Tessa wanted to have a salon party this year.  We both decided that we’d go with a zebra pattern and hot pink as our “theme colors”.  Very sassy and cute.  Here’s a picture of the cute invites:


The girls had a great time getting their hair and nails done.  The cost was $10 per girl.







After the girls were done being beautified, we went outside to open presents and take some pictures by the tree.  We printed the pictures and are planning to send those with the thank you notes. 



Each of the girls took home a cupcake (wrapped up to go) and a cosmetic bag with body spray, lip gloss, and nail polish inside.  Unfortunately, I did not get pictures of the bags that I made.  They were made with zebra print and hot pink fabric.  The top closed using tape measure sewn inside the lining.  It created a “magnetic” feel to hold them closed.  They turned out super cute and were really easy and cheap to make.  They cost about $1. 

The breakdown for a salon party for 8 girls:

salon bill:  $80      cupcake materials:  $5      cosmetic bags:  $8     favors (for bags):  $20

Total cost:  $113

This party was a bit more than I usually like to spend on a party.  I could have done the hair and nails myself with the help of some volunteers, but I would have had to go to A LOT more work in that case.  It was much more stress free to have it at an acutal salon and I think it felt a little more “special” that way.  So, I think it was worth the extra money.

Happy Birthday, Tessa Dawg!  Love Love Love that girl!


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