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on April 27, 2011

A majority of this school year has been dedicated to raising money for our Best Buddy trip to Disneyland.  A few of my co-workers and I had tossed around the idea of taking this trip, and low and behold, we made it happen. 

Fundraising.  What a pain in the !@#$#$# it is!    I made a lot of mistakes a long the way, but learned a lot of lessons.  Lesson #1:  Start early.  Lesson #2:  Enlist help from others. 

We started with suckers.  Lots and lots of suckers.  We sold them for $1 each, which was about a 90% profit.  Not bad.  I made nearly 1800 suckers and my students sold them during lunches. 

We moved on to a bake sale.  Not as profitable, but brought us a couple hundred.

We tried Rubios.  Got a wopping $57 from them.  Lame

We held a car wash with Firehouse Car Wash.  We ended up with nearly $500 from that.

Our last attempt was working to sell Mrs. Cavanaughs chocolates.  We were able to sell enough to make nearly $2000. 

With our fundraising and some generous donations, we were able to take our trip.  Every one of our buddies (students with disabilities) had their trip completely paid for.  I was very proud.  The students had a wonderful trip and  it was so much fun.  It was definitely worth all of the time I spent making those damn suckers. 


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