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I heart to heart

on February 18, 2011

I like Valentines Day.  I don’t care if it’s a Halmark Holiday.  I love to celebrate love. 

I also love to be creative and make homemade Valentines.  That’s right, no store-boughten Valentines for my kids!

Goldfish crackers were on sale, AND I had coupons, which made them very cheap.  I decided to attach a fish valentine to a baggie full for Miles to take to his daycare buddies.

Tessa decided that she wanted to do some little flowers.  We cut hearts from cute paper, punched holes, and inserted a dum dum for the center.  She had fun making them with me, and signed her name on the petals. 

Nathan gave some glow sticks mascarading as arrows through his heart.  The caption read, “You make my heart GLOW”.  He did not enjoy making them, and I had to plead with him to get them finished.  He did them, eventually. 

For the teachers, I bought some heart magnets at the dollar store and packaged them up.   Then, we called them “love magnets”. 

Did I spend way too much time making these Valentines?  Yes.  Were they fabulous?  Yes.  Are you jealous?  Probably.


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