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Eagles Nest

on February 18, 2011

When I was a teenager, I attended a leadership conference at Snow College.  They took us up in the mountains there where they have developed a “ropes course”, which is a sadistic torture chamber for people like me.  The torture was compoundedd by a lot of peer pressure. 

The very most challenging part of this ropes course was called the “Eagle’s Nest”.  It’s a 50 foot pole with a lazy susan on top.  About ten feet away from the pole was a trapeze bar.  Each person was to put on a very uncomfortable harnass, climb to the top of this pole, stand on the “Eagle’s Nest” at the top, and then jump to the trapeze and hopfully hold on to it. 

I am not only scared of heights, but I’m also extremely clumsy.  I still haven’t gotten over this experience…obviously. 

I climbed the dang pole, I even stood on the top of the “nest”, and then I jumped.  Too bad I closed my eyes, or might have grabbed hold of the trapeze.  Instead, I fell, until the harnass caught my fall. 

I did NOT feel like an eagle.  Just saying. 

Last week, we had the opportunity to see some real eagles nesting at Farmington Bay.  It was “Bald Eagle Day”, so we thought we’d check it out.  It was a fun little outing. 

Nate did not appreciate the fact that these birds were out in the open.  He wanted to see a caged one…up close and personal.  Perhaps next time, we’ll bring some binoculars for him.  They did have a few telescopes to view the eagles, but neither of my children know how to close the correct eye.  They kept closing the eye that was looking into the telescope!  Then, they complained that they couldn’t see the birds.  They were un-impressed and wanted to leave.  I took their picture first:

The kids felt better about the whole experience once we found our way to the visitor’s center.  Tessa made an eagle finger puppet and Nate got to stretch out his arms to measure them against an eagle’s.  We finished off with a little nature walk where Tessa complained and complained about walking. 

Despite my children’s unamusement with this free family outing, I still have to say that it was a lot better than my first experience with an eagle’s nest.


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