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365 Days

on December 31, 2010

I’ve had the privilege of having this little boy in my life for the last 365 days.

And I might add that those 365 days FLEW by!  It’s hard to imagine that little Miles could be a whole year old already.  But, it’s equally hard to imagine life without him.

As many of you know, Miles was a little “accident”.  We were just planning to have two children.  I always kind of “felt” like I needed three, but I resisted that feeling and we decided that Joey would get himself “fixed”.  And so he did.  Get fixed.

Joey was still sitting on frozen peas when I found out that Miles was on the way.  His fix was too late.  Miles had snuck in there, under the wire.

I don’t know if I believe in “meant to be” or not, but if there is such a thing, Miles is it.  He completes our family and I love him so much. I feel so lucky to be his mom.

Miles is a happy, healthy, and crazy one year old.  He is pretty wild and every diaper change is a WWF challenge (or so it seems).  He hates to sit still, to get his nose wiped, and napping for very long.  He loves to climb, crawl, stand, dance, and wrestle. He likes to growl and knows how to wave.    He has eight teeth, but not a lot of hair.  His favorite food is sweet potatoes.  Some of his nicknames are Milo, Milosh, Miles D. Diles, and Suebick (Tessa’s).

It’s been a very fun 365 days.




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