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the fabulous five

on November 18, 2010

The fabulous five is compiled of Grandma Ge Ge and her four favorite grand-daughters:  Me (of course), Becky, Amy, and Katie. 

We have been wanting to get together ever since the infamous trip to Vegas, and we FINALLY made it!!  We took Ge Ge to a movie, to see “Secretariat”. 

We ate a lot of popcorn, smuggled peanut m&ms, and Coke Zero.  Ahhh, my favorite combination. 

We laughed about how I like to have a “BM” popcorn…butter in the middle.  Then, Amy let us all know how a BM popcorn usually gives her an AFR…accidental fecal release. 

I always have a bit of a stomach ache from laughing too hard when I’m with these girls. 


One response to “the fabulous five

  1. Katie says:

    Good times

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