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the good wife

on November 9, 2010

I try to be a good wife. 

I remember back  when I was afraid and uneducated on the subject of boys, but secretly looked forward to having a “boyfriend” someday.  I would think, “boy, I’ll be the best girlfriend ever”.  I’d think of all the nice things that I would do for him.  I rehearsed what I’d do in my mind. 

Once I got a boyfriend that I liked, my thoughts then turned to marriage.  I dreamed about what a good wife I’d be.  I would cook dinner every night, always do the dishes, and of course, throw extremely nice parties for my husband. 

My perspective on marriage and being a good wife has changed a bit, as I’m sure it changes for a lot of people.  I started out quite good, but somehow I’ve slipped a bit.  I think that having children may have changed things.  I used to have time to be a good wife. 

My good wife status was changed last week when I threw Joey a surprise Birthday party.  I had it planned for two whole weeks and actually kept it a secret for the whole time.  (If anyone knows me, that is a miracle)  Better yet, my kids kept it a secret too…up until the last hour.  (darn it)  I even had Joey convinced that I hadn’t had time to buy him a present. 

Here’s a copy of the cute invites:

 Funny, right?  Not zaney or whacky, but funny…right?

The party was a success.  The important people all showed up.  Here’s an example of the decorations:

I am getting really good at photoshop.

We had pizza, salad, cake and ice cream. He opened his presents (I DID get him some) and  then, we swam.  A fun time was had by all, especially Joey.  Just look at the excited look on his face:

Joey is so lucky to have such a good wife.

One response to “the good wife

  1. Jenny says:

    I am sorry we could not make it.

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