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Catsup and Mustard

on October 26, 2010

My kiddos played some soccer this year and they BOTH ended up with the number 7!  Pretty lucky, I say. 

Nate was a Red Devil and Tessa was a Golden Leopard.  They both had a pretty fun time, but I think Tessa liked it a bit more than Nate did. 

At any rate, I had fun watching them.   I look forward to seeing some more next spring.


One response to “Catsup and Mustard

  1. Becki says:

    Anytime you’re missing being at a soccer game come downhere and I’ll have plenty for you to watch- Four kids play, Brexton is doing cross country and just made varsity soccer for high school. Courtney also made teh high school team for JV- Practices everynigt of the week and games during the week and four on Saturday…..
    Enjoy your weekend family adventures – before you know it your kids will be in high school too

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