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Star Struck

on October 5, 2010

My sister and I…and some of our friends…have been season ticket holders at the Desert Star Theatre for the past two years. We have really enjoyed the light-hearted funny shows and yummy food.  We’ve also come accustomed to many of the actors and actresses and look forward to seeing them each show.

On Saturday, we went to see “Welcome Back Potter”, a show making fun of Harry Potter.  During the first few minutes of the play, we noticed one actor that we’d never seen before and we both commented on it.  We wondered who he was and I instantly thought, “oh, maybe that’s Richie T”!

I’ve been a fan of “Radio From Hell” for the past five or six years.  Richie T is the producer and frequent commenter on the show.  Even though he’s not my favorite person on the show, it was still VERY exciting when he introduced himself at the very end of the show.

As we were leaving, all of the cast members were waiting in the hallway.  We first snapped a photo with the majority of the cast, but no Richie T.  Bummer.  Luckily, we found him at the door.

Katie and Sarah were very brave and actually spoke to him.  I was too star struck to speak.  I just snapped their picture and then they got mine (as he actually put his arm around me).   He then asked us our names and shook our hands!  So, I guess that I did speak to him….I muttered, “Andrea”.


One response to “Star Struck

  1. sarah says:

    YAY! I was so excited to meet him too! I can’t believe it took 2 years to see him in a play there! At the next play I want to sit with you and Katie. We never get to talk. So let’s ride together!

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