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I heart to fart

on September 30, 2010

My two most awesome cousins (Becky and Amy), Katie, and I all took a girls weekend this summer.  We drove the “limo” down to Las Vegas for some good times.  On the way there, we had a lot of interesting and funny conversation mixed with some obscene text messages.  Somewhere along the way we discussed in length my cousin Becky’s affinity for farting.

The next day we dropped Amy and Becky off at the M&M store while I pumped my breasts in the car.  As we were driving very slowly, Katie suddenly made a “gasp” and proceeded to belch out a big laugh.  She pointed over to one of the street-side stores and there I saw it.  It was THE perfect shirt for Becky.  We knew that we just had to have it.

So, I tucked the boobs away and jumped out of the car.  I bargained with the guy for a good deal on this shirt and then ran back to the car where Becky and Amy had returned.  I handed her the bag and of course, she fell in love with this shirt.

The next day, Becky wore the shirt all day.  She received many strange looks, especially at the buffets and crowded elevators.

When we got home, we all knew that we would have to give this t-shirt to Grandma Ge Ge.  It was just the right thing to do.


One response to “I heart to fart

  1. Katie says:

    Ah!!! I’m belching out some more big laughs now….I love it. I would lik to find out if that lady ever put her photo on FACEBOOK like she said she was going to.

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