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memorial day

on June 16, 2010

Tessa has been asking a lot of questions about death, dying and shows a lot of interest in the cemetary.  The death of her friend (and my student), Brittany, sparked most of this interest. 

On Memorial Day, Tessa had a lot of questions about decorating graves and what it was all about.  I explained that on Memorial Day, we remember those that have died and we decorate their graves.  We also say thank you to soldiers that have died for our country. 

She thought about it for awhile and then asked, “Are we gonna go see Brittany?”

I hadn’t really thought about visiting Brit’s grave, but suddenly that sounded like a great idea.  Tessa has been talking about and misses her.  I thought that it would be a nice thing for her to do.

We went to Walmart and she picked out a nice red geranium to take to her grave.   We found her grave and Tessa placed the flower near the others and started to “talk” to Brittany saying that she loved her and missed her.  She then asked me where her head was, where her body was, and where her feet were under the ground.  I told her where Brittany’s casket was placed and explained the best I could. 

It was then that Tessa laid right down on the ground, spread eagle on top of the grave.  I asked her what she was doing and she said, “I’m giving Brittany a big hug”.

What a cute and thoughtful girl she is becoming.


One response to “memorial day

  1. Sarah C says:

    Wow! What a great little girl you have! That is so sweet!

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