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chickens of rubber

on June 14, 2010

I love rubber chickens.

I have been collecting them since college when my grandma gave me my first one.  I have quite a collection which I display proudly in my classroom. 

From time to time, someone will find a rubber chicken and give it to me as a gift.  This mother’s day, I was fortunate enough to receive a rubber chicken purse.  I had seen it at “Cabin Fever” at Trolley Square a couple years ago.  I had been wanting it, but didn’t want to spend the money. 

Joey had been trying to get it for me, but they were always sold out when he tried.  (this means there are others like me)  Finally, he was able to find one in stock, much to my delight. 

I don’t think that Joey thought that I’d actually use such a silly purse because he sarcastically said, “now, you have to USE this purse”, as if I wouldn’t.

I use it.  Every day. 

I get a lot of compliments on my purse.  Sometimes people just stop, point, and whisper.  My students have really liked it too.  On the last day of school, one of my students brought me a gift, wrapped in a Victoria Secret bag.  Of course, I was instantly intrigued and she was VERY excited to give it to me. 

It wasn’t lingerie (darn it), it was a miniature rubber chicken coin purse.  It makes me smile.


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