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on April 13, 2010

I love April Fools Day.  It might be my favorite holiday.  Inspired by my grandma Ge Ge, I try to make it “special” each year. 

This year, I pulled off quite a few jokes all day long.  As the above picture shows, I sprayed my hair brown.  When people said, “your hair looks cute, did you dye it?”  I would then reply, “No?  why?”  They would then swear that my hair used to be blonde and I denied it.  It was hilarious to confuse them all, especially my kids and students. 

When I got to school, I passed out flyers to my students that said that spring break had been canceled.  They were mad.

I reported to a co-worker that I’d be late for work because of a horrible car accident.  She was upset.

I cut out funny advertisements from my coupon books and delivered them into many faculty boxes throughout the school.  For example, one was for “beano”.  I attached little notes that said that the ad made me think of them, etc.  It made them smile.

I left a note for a co-worker that said “Bob called, said he has a box for you” with a phone number for the mortuary.  He was surprised and confused. 

Even my kids got in on the action this year.  Nate sprayed his hair the same color as mine and Tessa put a fake bandage on her head.

The funniest part of the day was all of the compliments on my hair.  Everyone thought I made a great brunette.  I might have to actually dye it now.


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