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on April 12, 2010

Joey’s Grandma Parker passed away two weeks ago.  Though it has been sad to watch her get old and suffer, we are happy for her to finally be at peace.  It’s so hard to have our grandparents leave us.

I was looking through our wedding photos the other day and realized how many grandparents we had just 10 years ago.  There were 8 of them all lined up.  Joey and I were just missing one grandfather a piece.  Since that time, all of Joey’s grandparents have passed away.  I am lucky to still have three.

I’m glad that I was able to know all of Joey’s grandparents; I feel like they were my own.  I will miss hearing all of the stories and long visits with them. 

Grandma Parker didn’t want a “formal” funeral, just a graveside service.  Because of the snow, we ended up making it a little more formal, however.  Many of the kids and grandkids spoke a few words about her.  I’m proud to say that Joey was the best one (in my opinion) and did such a great job.  He is becoming quite the public speaker.  He does weddings and funerals, but he’s booking up fast!


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