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name’s sake

on January 26, 2010

Miles was able to meet his Great Grandpa Vern last week.  Grandpa hasn’t been doing very well lately due to some suspected mini-strokes and was having a short stay at a rehabilitation place to give Grandma a break.  It’s hard to see Grandpa like this, but he was in good spirits and really enjoyed holding the baby. 

He watched the baby closely and marveled in every little move  and sound that he made.  At one point he said, “oh, he’s so precious”, then looked up at Grandma and said, “I wish we could have another one”. 

I’ve always really looked up to my Grandpa Vern and I’m happy that I was able to use his name as Miles’ middle name.  It was a treat to see them together. 


One response to “name’s sake

  1. kris says:

    Seeing how happy your grandpa is makes me so happy you gave Miles his name.

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