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christmas cards

on January 18, 2010

I love to get Christmas cards in the mail.  It’s such an exciting thing for me and because I like to get them so much, I understand the need to send them each year.

This year, we waited until just after Christmas to get them put together and sent.  We wanted to include little Miles in the picture. 

I crammed poor Nate into some size 4T jammies so that they would match. He couldn’t wait to take them off.

Our cards were accompanied by a “top ten” list of our best moments of 2009:  For those of you that may not be on my Christmas Card list… it is:

10-  Tessa tried her hand at Cheerleading as a “little Vike”, but discovered her love for wrestling instead.

9-  Nathan explored many sports:  soccer, t-ball, swimming, ice skating, and wrestling.  He says t-ball is his favorite.

8-  Nathan, Tessa, and Andrea went on a road trip to Kentucky to visit family.  They made it just fine, despite Joey’s doubts.

7-  Joey became an official “blogger” for the Utah Jazz.  His blog can be found at

6-  Nathan started kindergarten at MeadowBrook Elementary and began his love affair with homework as well.

5-  Tessa discovered her love for ALL of God’s creatures, even the slimy and scary ones.  Her favorites are snakes and scorpions.

4-  Andrea continued to maintain the blog she started last year.  To keep up on what’s going on, it can be found at:

3-  The family enjoyed a wonderful vacation to Disney Land in June.  They had a blast and can’t wait to go again.

2-  Joey got a vesectomy in April…just one week before we found out about the number 1 moment of the year…..

1-  Miles Vern Parker joined the family on December 18th.  He’s been a happy “accident” and we love him to pieces. 

We are now working on our top ten for 2010. ..


One response to “christmas cards

  1. Shari says:

    A very cute card. I have some bankies for you, just haven’t found a box to send them in. Sorry. I am a lazy post office person, but I will send them soon, I promise.

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