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Santa’s job

on December 16, 2009

Joey and I have conflicting ideas about Santa’s “duties” at Christmas time.  We have had the same discussion each year since we’ve had children.  What exactly does “Santa” bring and what does Mom and Dad bring?

I believe that MOST of the presents should magically appear beneath the tree on Christmas morning and should be from Santa.  The stocking is also from Santa.  Just one or two presents should be from Mom & Dad….like the pajamas for Christmas eve and one other thing. 

Joey, on the other hand has it all wrong.  He thinks that we should put out all of the gifts under the tree from the get-go and Santa will ONLY deliver the stocking stuffers. 

So far, I’ve won the “argument” each year and we’ve done things my way.   I mean, what kind of lame Santa only brings stocking stuffers?


2 responses to “Santa’s job

  1. Joey says:

    You haven’t won nuthin! There are tons of presents under the tree for them. I still have to wrap a few for them and they will be going under the tree.

    Santa will come and fill their stocking though.

  2. Becki says:

    Here Santa brings everyone 1 present and all the presents from Santa are wrapped in the same paper and sometimes the same size boxes.. Mom and dad give PJ’s to open on Christmas eve. Books on Christmas day and then usually clothes or sports stuff… Santa also takes care of the socks ☻

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