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Homecoming Festivities

on October 9, 2009

vikingIt’s Viewmont’s Homecoming week and I have been busy helping the students to celebrate.

I’m in charge of two different “clubs” at the school:  Best Buddies, and the Jr. Class Officers.

So far, we’ve decked the halls, and entered the door decorating contest…which is shown in the picture (and doesn’t do it justice).  It’s a fantastic mosaic viking that I am very proud of. We’ve had lots of compliments on it and I think we should frame it.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I get to ride in the homecoming parade and then travel up the mountain to the “V”.  The Jr. officers are in charge of the “lighting of the V”.  We will be stringing lights and sitting up there during the entire football game.  Luckily, I will get to stay in my pimped out van watching a movie in the parking area, as I’m pregnant and the hike up to the V is very steep, dark and dangerous looking.  Hopefully all of the kids in my charge make it!


3 responses to “Homecoming Festivities

  1. Katie says:

    Happy Birthday!!! I love the mosaic…it reminds me of the fabulous Little Mermaid mosaic you did years ago… should win the contest for sure:)

  2. kris says:

    I think the door looks great! I have let my kids decorate my door for red ribbon week and it has never looked even close to that good.

  3. ittybittyblogger says:

    Just to update: My door won second place…..what a rip off! I definitely should have took first…

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