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handcart day parade

on August 13, 2009

8-12-09 006I drove down Main Street Bountiful on the evening of July 22nd and was shocked to see hundreds of people “staking their claims” for the parade that didn’t start until 6:00 pm the next day.  They were all completely ignoring the MANY big signs posted saying that they were not allowed to stake a claim until 7:00 am the next morning and that their things would be confiscated.  I’m not sure if the city actually followed through with their threat  because when I returned to try to stake my claim at 6:55 am the next morning, there were hardly any spots left.  It is unbelievable that so many people go to such great lengths to see a parade.  When I was a kid, I don’t remember it being like that at all.  We just walked down and found a spot.  Those days are gone, sadly.

Because I staked our claim so early in the morning and with limited space available, I didn’t really notice that I staked us right in the sun.  Although the parade started in the evening, it was VERY hot.  You’ll notice in the picture how red our faces were.  I thought I’d melt.  I started to get a bit grouchy.  Why did I bother, I thought to myself.  Why go to all this trouble just to sit in the hot sun and watch a dumb parade?

8-12-09 012

But, when all was said and done, I guess it’s just something that you do for your kids.  They had a blast and collected a TON of candy.  And…..I guess I had fun watching them….have fun.

So, will I do this again next year?  Probably.


One response to “handcart day parade

  1. Holly says:

    First Andrea and Joey, CONGRATS, on the baby. That’s exciting!
    Enjoyed pics and reading about the trip, sounds like you all had a great time.
    NOW, onto the parade deal. What is wrong with you, a parade, you have to be excited for a parade…ask Kris how excited I get for parades. And I don’t even have little kids. I know, Clfd. turns their sprinklers off at 5, give the grass a couple hrs. to dry and by 7pm the night before the parade…I am there laying down blankets and chairs and then I tape around the area so NOBODY takes “OUR” spot. I love a parade, isn’t that a song title?
    I was talking to Kim Rich the other day and she said she knows you and she thinks you are a hoot and very, very creative. She thinks you are wonderful. She teaches Sp. Ed. at Crestview in Layton.

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