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weeding with grandpa

on July 13, 2009

7-12-09 001

I heard that my dad was going to be over at GeGe’s helping to weed her garden, so I thought that would be a perfect thing to do for our Thursday “service” day.  I didn’t tell my dad that we were coming and I think he was pleasantly surprised to see us. The kids were not really too helpful, but enjoyed raking and digging in the dirt; looking for worms.  They always enjoy a visit to grandma’s candy jar too.   After we finished with the weeds, we did a drive by at Wendys and enjoyed our lunch at Riverdale Park.  It was a nice time.  It’s so good to have my dad back.


2 responses to “weeding with grandpa

  1. Becki says:

    OK- I have to say I LOVE the idea of your “service Thursday” and I think I am going to have to introduce it to our family too. I also love your activities you are doing with your kids during the summer. I wish I were there – they sound SO much fun…
    Wanna share your schedule and IDEAS with me and I’ll try to copy them with my children out here????
    I think it is AWESOME you and Katie hang out and do so much together with your families….. HEY when is she going to tell us (on her blog) that she is PG? AFTER the baby comes (lol)

    Hope yo are both feeling great and doing well too!!!

    Lots of Love,

    • ittybittyblogger says:

      Hi Becki!

      I’ll send you a schedule if I can figure out your email address again…..

      Yes, Katie and I have a lot of fun in the summer. I think that it’s good to keep a schedule, especially for our young kids….they do a lot better when they have something concrete.

      I think that Katie’s computer is broken….that’s why she hasn’t updated on the blog….she usually does it at work! By the way….she is having a BOY! She just found out!


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