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this was the place

on July 13, 2009

7-12-09 010We had planned to go to “This is the Place” monument/park for our fun friday adventure.  Either we are very lucky or very un-lucky that it was “KSL family fun day” as we noticed on the giant sign as we pulled in.  On the bright side, we got in for free , experienced numerous extra fun activities and enjoyed free water and popsicles.  On the other hand, it was VERY VERY crowded and kids plus popsicles equals messy. 

I hate standing in lines, really hot weather, and walking up a lot of hills.  I had to do all three of these things on the same day.  Ick!  Needless to say, I got a little grouchy by the time we left this little outing.

The kids really had a lot of fun, though.  They got to ride a pony and a train, play some games,  get their faces painted and make a few fun crafts.  I guess it was worth it in the end.


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