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on July 13, 2009

7-12-09 021We spent the weekend up at the cabin and much to my delight, we were able to go kayaking.  My in-laws, Kris and Bob recently bought these and were nice enough to let us try it out. 

We took them up to Causey Dam and had a good time.  What a work out!  My arms are sure to be sore tomorrow.  I got a little discouraged about half way through our “trek”, thinking, why does this look so easy for Joey.  He always seems to take to things so well and I always seem to struggle.  Whenever I try to do anything “sporty” I always feel like everyone is staring and pointing at me; like I don’t really “fit in”.  But, I put my mind to it and actually got OUT of the kayak all by myself….without making a scene.  Yippee!

Unfortunately, I used the foot “pedals” of the kayak to try to situate myself better on the seat and broke both sides!  OOPS!  I felt just terrible.  Now we will have to see if we can replace the parts that I broke.  Hopefully, Kris will forgive me one day….she seemed pretty mad.  (no, just kidding)

I think that my in-laws are pretty hip for getting and using these kayaks.  I hope to one day be cool and sporty like them.


One response to “Kie-Yak

  1. kris says:

    I wasn’t mad I was furious!! Just kidding, I am thinking of upgrading.

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