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Service Day and Free Lunch

on June 28, 2009


6-27-09 022

We decided to make Thursdays our “service” days ; to  spend time with kids with severe disabilities on the third floor of the South Davis Regional Hospital.  One of my students is currently residing there and I thought it would be nice to visit her.  I had them both pick out books to take to them and read. 

Because my kids spend a lot of time around people with severe disabilities, they weren’t really too shocked by what they saw at the hospital.  Tessa, especially loves to talk and play with the kids.  She was most taken with the really young kids.  She wanted to shake their hands and asked what they’re names were.  Both her and Nate were happy to take pictures with a few of their new friends.  I would love to post some of the pictures, but I don’t have permission from any of our friends.  We plan to take copies to the hospital next week and then make a scrap book.

After the hospital visit, we went to Washington Elementary for free lunch.  It was corn dog day…their favorite.  They LOVE to get “school lunch”….and I like to get FREE lunch. 

It was a very enjoyable day and I was so proud of my kids for being so willing to befriend others.


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