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Happiest Place on Earth

on June 18, 2009

disneyland 070Joey and I have been wanting to take our kids to DisneyLand since before we even had kids.  We are both big fans of the place.  I remember standing in line to ride the train at EuroDisney and watching the cutest little blonde girl in front of us.  We both envisioned her as what our little “Tessa” would look like.  We imagined how fun it would be to take her there. 

Well, little Nater came before the little Tessa did, but we finally made that trip and had a WONDERFUL time.

kids carMuch to our delight, Jason, Katie and Averi were able to come with us and we all drove down in my pimped out van. It was fun to be able to go spend time with them and the kids were VERY cute together.  We stayed in Primm, at Buffalo Bills on the way there and the way back which was a nice little break from driving.  In California, we stayed at the Ayres Hotel in Orange.  It was a really nice hotel that served a full breakfast each morning and had free shuttle service to the parks.  It all turned out really well.  We went to the parks for five whole days and then spent one day at the beach. 



disneyland 081Tessa found absolutely EVERYTHING about DisneyLand to be absolutely wonderful.  She was terribly delighted with everything she saw, especially the characters and princesses.  She just ADORED  “it’s a small world”.  She was so stinking cute and not a bit afraid of anything.  It was so much fun to spend time with her there and to see so much excitement in her face.  In California Adventure, she even had the opportunity to talk to “Crush” in “Turtle Talk”.  It turns out that Tessa’s turtle name is “Tubular Tessa”.



nate jediNater was such a trouper the entire trip.  He walked and walked and walked and NEVER once complained or asked to ride in the stroller.  At the end of one day, I asked him why he had been such a good boy, to which he replied, “I just really enjoy DisneyLand”.  He went on every single ride that he was only afraid of one of them:  Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride….but this was the first ride he went on.  Once he saw that it wasn’t so scary, he settled down and had a blast on all the other rides.  Nate also had the awesome opportunity to participate in “Jedi training” in TomorrowLand.  He was chosen and he was so dang cute up there….fighting Darth Vader. 



kids BelleAveri was scared of many of the rides and with me being pregnant and not able to ride the good ones, spent a lot of quality time with me.  It was fun to ride a bunch of the “tame” rides with her.  We all got a lot of small world.  I think that Averi’s favorite part of the trip was getting to eat lunch with Ariel and four other princesses at Ariel’s grotto.  When Jasmine came out, Averi stopped drinking her drink and stared at her.  She quietly leaned over and told her mom, “She’s so pretty, I can’t drink”.  Nate wasn’t very excited about the princesses, but he put up with it and even posed for a few pictures. 


disneyland 135All of the kids also had a GREAT time at the beach, playing in the sand and swimming in the ocean.  They were COVERED with sand, and I’m still finding sand in strange places.  It was overcast in the beginning, and we didn’t put the sunscreen on it time.  All of the adults really got burned, but the kids made it out ok. 





All in all, it was a FABULOUS vacation!  I can’t wait to go again….when baby #3 is 40 inces tall. 



kids hatskids lollipops


2 responses to “Happiest Place on Earth

  1. kris says:

    CUTE CUTE KIDS, I am so glad you all went.

  2. Jen says:

    I am glad that everyone had fun!! I can’t wait for you next road trip to see us in Kentucky!!!!

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