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For Sale

on June 18, 2009


front house

Thanks to the help of our family and friends we were BARELY able to pull off all of the projects that we needed to get done to put our house on the market.  We still have a few minor things to get done, but it is officially listed. 

Shout outs to:

Jason Dalton- for his AWESOME drywall skills to help us fix the hole in our ceiling and re-texture the entire upstairs.  He is truly gifted and amazing with the mud.  If you are in need of drywall anyone, he’s the one to get!  On top of the drywall, he also helped with some yard work as well.  Thanks Jason!

Jeremy Holmes- my handyman cousin for hanging several doors for us!  He really did a great job and we appreciate the terrific deal that he gave us.  If you’re in need of a handyman, he’s a great one!  Thanks for your help, Jeremy!

Katie and Trevor Bailey-  for helping us rake and a haul A LOT of crap out of our back and side yards.  We surely would not have finished it all on our own!  Thanks for taking time to come help us!

Kris & Bob Geier-  For helping us start our front rock project and for other yard work projects.  I know that we can always count on Kris to jump right in to help us, she’s never afraid to get her hands dirty.  They also bought us some awesome hanging baskets for the front yard.  Thanks!!

Anne Allred-  my good friend, for taking a few hours to help me weed our back planter and scrape the wall for painting.  Even though she was just getting over a terrible illness, she still came down to help me.  I really appreciate her willingness to help us out.

Even if we don’t sell it, the house is looking great!  We will definitely have to have a few pool parties this summer.

patio housepool house

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