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Baby Bath

on May 7, 2009


Our co-worker Nate is having a baby very soon, so we decided to throw him a “Baby Bath” before the little tyke gets here.  I did all the planning for the event so that I could add to the material for my book.  5-7-09-03115-7-09-0321









Using my fanstastic new photoshop program, I made some really funny invitations with some clipart I found on google images.  I then went to town with the rubber ducky theme. I decorated the room with rubber duckies made from construction paper and then floated a few real ones in the lemonade.  For food, we had homeade frozen banana yogurt and cookies.  It was very yummy and most people had seconds. 

As displayed in the first picture, we made Nate dress up in a bathrobe, shower cap, and hold a sponge on a stick.  He was a very good sport.  For one of the games, we played “guess how big around Nate’s belly is?”  Each person had to cut the string to how large they thought it was.  It was hilarious…and again, he was a good sport. 












For party favors, I got some cute Country Time Lemonade candies from Honks and put them in cellophane bags and tied them with a little duckie.  Prizes for the games were bottles of yellow body scrub…that I also got at Honks.  By the way… 88 cent Tuesdays at Honks= Awesome. 

Nate mentioned that he has never been to a baby shower before, but I bet after this experience, he’ll want to.


One response to “Baby Bath

  1. Sarah says:

    You have amazed me once again! You go girl! And how about sharing that recipe for the homemade frozen banana yogurt? Or do we have to wait for the book? I promise to buy a copy of it when you pubish it!

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