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Nater Potater

on April 14, 2009

4-14-09-013Well, it’s been five whole years since little Nater came into my world.  It was a terrifying experience becoming a new mom and in such a violent (c-section) way.  But, I survived and have been blessed by this little boy. 

As of late, Nater has really given me a run for my money.  You might say that he gets a big kick out of “shocking” people by doing strange things. For example, he recently peed on the living room floor in front of his cousin and he “mooned” some of my friends.    I admit that he “might” have gotten this from me.  The shocking part, not the pee-ing….I don’t do that. 

In addition to his shannanigans, Nater LOVES his action figures and video games; he is a true boy.  He’s a huge goof ball, always making faces for the camera and loves to perform little songs for people.  He is a meat eater and his favorite food is ribs.  Nate is also very creative and loves to draw and do “homework” as he calls it.  He is such a little smarty pants too, always wanting to know about stuff and shocking me with his five-year-old wisdom. 

Happy Birthday Naters!!


2 responses to “Nater Potater

  1. Katie D says:

    He is so cute! He was really good when he came to help us move. Averi cried when she sat on the saddle because they don’t sing happy birthday. It was pretty funny!

  2. kris says:

    What a cutie, he makes faces just like his dad always did.

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