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baby animals

on April 12, 2009

4-12-09-032We drove up to Logan on Friday for the annual Baby Animal Festival at the American West Heritage Park.  My kids have gone to this festival in the past with their babysitter, Reanna.  Since it was my spring break, I got to go this time!   It was really fun, with lots of fun activities for the kids to do, but it was REALLY crowded.  We had to wait in a lot of long lines, which is not easy for little ones….or big ones, for that matter.  Tessa REALLY enjoyed the baby bunnies and Nate liked the baby turtles.4-12-09-006

Since we were in Logan (my absolute favorite town ever) we decided to visit a few favorites.  We ate lunch at the best A&W in the world (really, it is) and then went for ice cream at Casper’s.  Tessa made a gigantic mess with her ice cream cone, but it was cute.  4-12-09-037

Driving back, we hit the Pepperidge Farm outlet and Gossner’s cheese.  All of these festivities completely wore me out!  I slept all the way home.  Thank goodness Reanna drove.


One response to “baby animals

  1. kris says:

    Thank god you weren’t driving. I love to go to Logan. Ice cream and cheese, the best things.

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