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Tessa Lee-ta

on April 5, 2009


It was my niece, Averi, that coined Tessa’s nickname, “Tessa Lee-ta” when she was just a baby.  I’ve been calling her that ever since.  I remember from my five years of Spanish, that the ending “lita” means little.  So…I guess we are calling her Little Tessa Lee. 

We celebrated three years with this little princess and we’ve loved  every minute of it.  From the very beginning, she’s been a very good girl, although full of opinions, spunk, and determination.  I’ve always been impressed with how well she catches on to things like swimming, singing, and anything physical, really.  (she definitely didn’t get this from me) 

She’s a fairly obediant child and has always worn her glasses without complaint, just like Dr. Larsen says.  She loves to play cook and take care of her many babies…which she prefers to have naked at all times.  Her pre-school teacher has told me that she’s the smartest in the class and can read a lot of words already.  (this she got from me, definitely) 

I just love her to pieces!  Happy Birthday Tessa-Leeta!


One response to “Tessa Lee-ta

  1. kris says:

    She is so cute, I hate that I missed her party.

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