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on March 23, 2009

My good friend Ann Allred and I took a trip to Wendover on Friday to see Lily Tomlin perform.  We were very excited for our hot night out on the town.  We started off with a seafood buffet at the Rainbow and were DELIGHTED to discover that the crab legs were big, warm and “sawed” down the middle for easy access.  It was awesome.  We took pictures to make our husbands jealous.

After Lily amazed us with her amazing-ness, we hit the casino for some blackjack.  Ann Allred was new the game, but was addicted by the time the night was through.  I left with an extra $25 in my pocket….woo hoo!  We then retired to our room where we watched “The secret lives of Bees” on my portable DVD  player because we couldn’t get it hooked up to the tv.  We stayed up till 2 am and slept intill 10 am.  It was just like college. 



One response to “Wendover

  1. Holly says:

    I read that book and I saw the movie…..loved both!!

    I am going to Wendover with my girls in May to see Trace Adkins. My daughters went to see him the last time he was here and they both swear he was not wearing underwear.
    This time we bought floor tickets….so we will be closer and hopefully be able to tell. Maybe I will just ask him!!
    I will let you know the “Truth on Trace”

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