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rocking provo

on February 15, 2009

Jana and I had the opportunity to rock provo Thursday night as we attended the augmentative conference at the Marriott.  I couldn’t care less about the conference part, really….I was just excited to get to stay in a hotel and to get a break from my sometimes mundane life. 

I was excited and had big plans for us.  I expressed to Jana how it would be just like in college.  I even invited the “boys” over to play poker in our room and brought all the supplies for margaritas.  When we actually got to the room, this was Jana’s response to my enthusiasm…


The “boys” were equally excited and needless to say, we didn’t play poker, or anything for that matter.  We watched a little Seinfeld, went to dinner at BrickOven Pizza, and then I talked her into a little hot tub action. 


And then, we crashed on some really nice beds.   Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to share my bed with Joey, but boy is it nice to sprawl out and take up the whole bed sometimes.  We both woke up happy girls.


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