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on January 25, 2009

couches-0011Hayley and I went to the movies on Friday night.  We went to the Tower Theatres and we both commented on the “different” people that attend that theatre.  They are not your “normal” Utah crowd, and we kind of liked it.

We went to see “Revolutionary Road”, which looked a lot better than it acutally was.  It was kind of boring in some spots and I didn’t really “feel” for the characters, perhaps because I didn’t live in the 50’s.

After the movie was over, Hayley sheepishly asked if I wanted to stay for ANOTHER movie…it was 9:00 pm at this time.  I gave her an evil laugh and said “yes, we are such rebels”.  And we were.  We stayed for “Slumdog Millionaire”, got lots of refills on our drinks, and stayed up way past our bedtimes.

I must say that Slumdog was the best movie I’ve seen in awhile…I’m glad we stayed.


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