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on January 23, 2009

andrea-camera-017Those of you that have ever tried to take two toddlers to the grocery store know that it is quite an exhausting experience.  Tessa is especially naughty at the stores these days, so I avoid these shopping trips at all costs, under normal circumstances.

The other day, Joey was gone to a Jazz game, so I had to take them both with me, as it was the last day of the sales and I needed to use my coupons.  Both of the kids started out in the car, but I had to separate them because they were fighting.  I finished my shopping as fast as possible because Tessa was grouchy and whining about everything.  In fact, I was so distracted with her, that I forgot all about Nate, still in the front.

I paid for the groceries and headed out to the car.  I put Tessa in first, and turned around to find little Nate, sound asleep, drool and all.  He must find these shopping excursions just as exhausting as I do.


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