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bane of my existence

on January 23, 2009

andrea-camera-015For Christmas, Joey got a t-shirt from his friend Rico that said, “I’m the only one without an Xbox 360”, as he is, the only one of his kind without one.  They all laughed and said that they felt so bad for him.  Then, he would look at me with puppy dog eyes as if to say “don’t YOU feel sorry for me too?”.  I didn’t.  I did NOT like the idea of Joey having access to Xbox live and forming an addiction that would ultimately lead him to wasting even more time than he already does.  I was pretty confident that Joey wouldn’t buy one because they are too expensive, and he is too cheap.

Much to my dismay, his friend (he who shall not be named) decided to give him his old one that was in need of repair.  Instead of just fixing it, like any normal person would do, he just bought a new one and Joey inherited the broken one.  Normally, it takes Joey months, sometimes years of me nagging him to get things fixed or to finish projects around the house.  Let me tell you that it took him less than two days to fix the XBox, rig up the internet connection, and hook the whole thing up.  He was up and running in no time.

Each night, this is how you’ll find Joey.  Sitting on the couch, headphones on, talking very loudly to his friends about video games and staying up till al hours of the night.  I could just kiss he who should not be named.


3 responses to “bane of my existence

  1. Joey says:

    Yeah, for like 3 nights out of 7 so far. You’re just lucky I don’t like World of Warcraft.

  2. Unnamed Friend says:

    Normal Person!? It was nearly the same price to fix it or buy a new one and now my friend can enjoy gaming with ALL of his other friends.

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