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tide pools

on January 14, 2009

1-12-09-005Anyone that knows me, knows that I love to paint colors on my walls.  A few years ago, I painted my Grandma Butcher’s kitchen and she made me paint it WHITE!  It wasn’t any fun at all.  It physically pained me to do it.  I told her that’s how she knows that I really love her.  I won’t paint white walls for just anyone. 

We are getting very close to finishing this damn bathroom.  (pardon my french)  The walls are done (and pretty smooth, I must say) and I finished up the painting last night.  The walls are a pretty blue-green called “tide pools”.  It matches the color of the accent tiles very nicely.  Tessa calls it “pretty green”. 

Our final list of things to do before we are finished with this project:  put up the bead board and trim, tile the tub surround, put up the light fixture, and put up the mirror.  Oh, I feel my long bath in my jetted tub now.


4 responses to “tide pools

  1. Holly says:

    Looks great Andrea… I know why you volunteered to help me paint the one wall in my front room….if I said I was going to do it white, I wouldn’t have heard a peep out of you.
    I have decided to do it this summer and I really am going to do it in a med. to dark blue.

  2. Becky says:

    It looks so good. When your done do you want to come and do my bathroom ?

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