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Sequence This

on January 1, 2009

dscn0530Traditionally, for the last five years, we have gone over to Ann Allred’s house for a Sequence tournament on New Year’s Eve.  Ann Allred invites about eight couples and all their children over for appetizers and some healthy competition.  There is always a little trash talk.  The winner of the tournament gets a giant glass “cup” filled with treats and things.  The winners of past years are written on the side of the cup and we are proud to have our name written there twice.

During the summer, Joey noticed an add in the Sequence box for odering your own Sequence t-shirt.  He thought it would be funny to wear them to the party.  I am too cheap, however, and decided to make my own.  They turned out pretty great, if I do say so myself.  You can’t tell from the picture, but at the bottom they read, “Table talk is not necessary, It’s all skill now”.  Everyone got a kick out of our t-shirts.  I heard some of the newcomers to the tournament say, “Oh no, now we have to play the ones with the t-shirts”. I think they were intimidated by us.

Well, we didn’t win the tournament this year, but we cam in second place.  The Rockwells took it.  That’s ok, I filled the cup with all the leftover candy that I didn’t want anyway.


One response to “Sequence This

  1. Amber says:

    Oh my gosh! We just “discovered” this game about 3-4 weeks ago. Now we play with some of our friends weekly for at least 3 hours. I LOVE this game! And your shirts rock!!!

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