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Before, During, Aftermath

on December 28, 2008

12-28-08-011After all was said and done, this was the state of my living room after the Christmas morning masacre.  Bothof my children slept in till 9:00 am.  Joey and I were both awake by 8:00, and wondering why they were still asleep.  Didn’t they know that Santa had come?  We laid in bed reminiscing of Christmas’s past, when we’d have such a hard time falling asleep and counting down the minutes till we could wake up to open presents.  Good times. 

12-28-08-015Tessa was thrilled with every one of her presents.  She exclaimed “wook mamma, wook mamma!” at each present.  We’d ask her, “What is it, Tessa?” and she’d say, “I don’t know!”  Every single present, without fail.  Her favorite was her baby, baby bottle and diaper bag. 

12-28-08-016Nate tore through his presents like a hurricane.  He  has not yet learned how to be gracious and expressed his displeasure with certain gifts.  He even cried a little.  His favorite was his new tiny snow shovel.  He saw it at Checker Auto parts and fell in love.  He had a chance to shovel on the 26th. 

12-28-08-012My gift from Joey showed up a couple weeks ago on my doorstep, un-wrapped, in this box.  Joey was really mad at because he had even paid extra for wrapping paper.  Regardless, I LOVE my new TV.  I also received a copy of the best movie ever made.



I got Joe Joe a new coat and a cozy new robe, which he put on immediately.  His old one had holes in it and it was time.  He was also happy to get the 11th season of Simpsonsand the Black Knight DVDs.  He was especially happy to have the “special edition” Black Knight, complete with a two sided “coin”.  I’m not sure why this coin is so cool…but he seemed happy.  If he’s happy, I’m happy.


2 responses to “Before, During, Aftermath

  1. Joey says:

    Umm… It’s called The DARK Knight. Not Black Knight. Black Knight is the one Martin Lawrence when he travels back in time, The Dark Knight is a little bit different.

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