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Baby shower

on December 24, 2008

We had a baby shower for Jenny.  She isn’t having her baby until June, but we aren’t likely to see her and thought it would be good to have one while she’s here.  Unfortunately, it snowed and everyone was too afraid to go out into the snow to come to the shower.  Not a single person, other than us, showed up.

I was especially disappointed that my blog fan, Holly, didn’t come.  She would have added a lot to the party because she is so awesome. I also made her a Christmas gift that I thought she’d like, but didn’t get to give it to her.

Well, we had fun without them. We had some taco salads that were easy, yet delicious.  Did I mention that I drove from Bountiful to Ogden (with two children) to get there?



3 responses to “Baby shower

  1. Baby Shower says:

    What a bummer a baby shower and a little snow scares everyone off. Well it looks like there were either 4 of 5 of you anyway.

  2. Holly says:

    I am sooo sorry I let you down and even more sorry for missing out on a gift from you because ANYONE that knows you, knows I missed out on something great.
    I feel bad for Jen too.

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