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Hawt Tub

on December 22, 2008

We took the students swimming for this year’s class Christmas party.  Despite the huge snow storm and trouble getting all FIVE wheelchairs over to the rec center, the kids had a blast.  It is a very fun thing to see these kids having fun in the water.  It was especially fun to get some of my non-mobile students in the water and to see their expressions of pure delight.  It must be very fun for them to feel so weight-less in the water. 

Of our 13 staff, only FOUR of us got in the water.  Kenzie is allergic to chlorine, so she gets a pass.  The rest of them, however, are LOSERS.  We made the non-swimmers go get the kids dressed while we enjoyed a little hot tub action.  12-22-08-163


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