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on November 24, 2008

We had a Best Buddies “thanksgiving” on Friday.  After the potluck, everyone enjoyed themselves with a little karaoke.  I was chillin with a few of the parents when I heard them call my name.  They were challenging me to an arm wrestle.  The student they wanted me to arm wrestle seemed skinny and scrawny enough, so I agreed. After all, I had been lifting weights.  Surely I’d be able to waste him.  I’d go easy on him, I thought,  make it look like a struggle at least.  I wouldn’t want to embarrass the poor boy. 

Well, turns out that I didn’t have to “act” like it was a struggle because it WAS a struggle.  I was able to keep it up for a little bit, but he finally slammed my arm down.  I shrugged it off and told everyone that I let him win.11-24-08-004


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