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on November 18, 2008


My brother Ken was here all last week for work.  He moved to Boston last July so that his boyfriend, Scott, could get his Master’s Degree.   And because KennyBum is my favorite brother, I’ve decided to write a bit about him. 

KennyBum is paralegal/computer guy for a law firm.  They must really like him because they let him work from Boston.  A computer nerd at heart, he enjoys the mac a little too much for his own good and owns at least five of them. He has a terrific sense of humor as evident by his amazing blog which inspired me to start blogging.  Although I used to torture KennyBum as a child, he has since forgiven me and  we have long meaningful conversations about just any topic you could imagine.  I miss those talks.  Move back to Utah, KennyBum!!


2 responses to “KennyBum

  1. ittybittyblogger says:

    KennyBum is his nickname. I thought that was pretty obvious, sheesh!

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