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on November 8, 2008

0761Working in a special education program for students with profound disabilities, we change a lot of diapers.  The diapers have become overwhelming this year, however.  To combat the diapers with a little humor, we decided to have “Diaper-Rama”.  We kept track of how many diapers we changed in one month and then got to spin the Diaper-Rama Wheel to get a prize.  Some of the spaces included, candy/pop coupon, prize basket, steal a prize, give a prize, poopy prize, and diaper royalty.  If you landed on diaper royalty, you had to wear a diaper on your head until the someone else landed on it.

I realize that this game may seem strange to outsiders, but it was fun for us.  You HAVE to have a sense of humor about these things.   We mean no disrespect to those that wear diapers. Special educators just wanna have fun.  They just wanna.


3 responses to “Diaper-Rama

  1. Sarah says:

    That is AWESOME! Your paraeducators must LOVE you! And you are right you have to have a certain kind of humor to be a special educator!

  2. ittybittyblogger says:

    Yes, they were thrilled.

  3. Jana says:

    It was too thrilling for words

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