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Birthday Boy

on November 2, 2008

It was my husband Joe Joe’s birthday on Halloween.  Because I’m such a good wife, I spent a lot of the day planning, cooking, and decorating for a birthday/halloween party.  It’s kind of become a tradition to have people over on Halloween.  When we first got married, our friends and family members were mostly single or newlyweds as well.  There were no children at our parties.  It is quite a different scene nowadays. Plenty of kids this year. 

It is clear that in our marriage, Joe Joe is the best gift giver.  This is mostly true because I CANNOT keep a secret to save my life.  I am terrible.  This year, however, I kept the secret very well.  I was very proud.  I saved money and went in with a few family members to get Joey a new HD tv for our living room.  He’s been wanting one of these tvs for a while and I have be “disapproving” of that purchase.  At one point, Joe Joe had agreed to exercise to earn the tv.  It did not pan out.  Well, I didn’t want to just have the tv sitting out, and I didn’t want to wrap that big box, so I decided to create a scavenger hunt.  In omage to my students who have been learning how to rhyme, I made all of the clues like little poems. Just as he was about to open the shed, NTPP (my 4 year old) screamed out, “It’s a TV!”  I was still proud of him for holding it in that long.


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