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Harsh Rewards

on October 23, 2008

Have you ever worked hard for something that you thought you really wanted and then found out that you didn’t really want it THAT bad?  In other words, it was NOT worth the trouble.  This happened to my daughter, “T-dawg”,  last night.  She worked very hard to get potty trained all in hopes of getting her ears pierced.  She’s been talking about getting earrings for over six months.  She was so excited to FINALLY get them done.  She sat eagerly up to the table and watched closely as the lady prepared all of the materials.  She picked out some cute pink daisy earrings and held a pose to get them in.  When the gun was fired a distinct look of disappointment came over her and she instantly put her hands to her ears and cried out, “NO, NO, NO”, and “owie, owie, owie!!” and I started to feel like a bad mom.  Shoppers at the mall were staring at the whole scene and shaking their heads.  I told a few people, “I promise that SHE wanted them, I didn’t make her do it!”  After a sticker, a sucker, dinner at Chic-Fil-A, and an ice cream cone, she felt better.  This morning, she sat up in bed, grabbed her ears and exclaimed “I have pretty earrings”.  I guess it was worth it after all.


One response to “Harsh Rewards

  1. Joey says:

    Poor little T-Dog

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